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Literary Gift Guide

Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite bookworm? Chances are, they probably have more books than they have shelves for, so what do you get them? I’ve got you covered with this literary gift guide to give you options that go beyond books.

1. Keep your coffee at the perfect temperature with the Ember Smart Mug so you don’t ever have to lay down your book. ($100)

2. Sip from a cup of quotations from classic authors with these literary mugs. ($16)

3. Soak up some relaxing read time with this luxury bathtub caddy. ($50)

4. Cheers to classic lit with these literary-themed shot glasses. ($15)

5. Cozy up with these socks any bookworm would love. ($20)

6. Borrow the bard’s witty humor in this card game similar to Cards Against Humanity. ($25)

7. Never lose your place with these beautiful personalized bookmarks. ($8)

8. Ensure your books always return to your library with a personalized book embosser. ($31)

9. Decorate your tree with ornaments made from pages of your favorite books. ($17)

10. Keep your books in line with these gorgeous bookends. ($65)

11. Function meets home fashion with this modern ladder bookshelf. ($60)

12. Fill your home with fragrant quotes from these literary candles. ($19)

13. Decorate your bookshelves with these decorative letters carved from books. ($12)

14. Keep reading late into the night with this Blue-Light-Blocking Clip-on reading light. ($12)

15. Let your pillows do the talking with these literary quote pillows. ($24)

Happy shopping! Which gift idea is your favorite?

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