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Hey y'all, I'm Haley!

I've loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember. My brother used to tell me I was letting the world pass by while my nose was stuck in a book, but little did he know I was happily tucked away in another world entirely. Disney's Belle was my inspiration (let's be honest, she still is), not because she gets to marry a prince, but because I wanted that library - still do!

My love for writing developed not long after I began devouring books. I truly believe that my passion for creative writing and fantastical stories comes from the ultimate creator, and my personal savior, Jesus Christ. My writing comes from a place I can't explain, and I give all credit to the original author. 

I am a Southerner with a love for Disney, time-period movies, and ALL animals. I am a dog-mom to a feisty pup named Rory, & wife to my amazing husbabe, Hunter. I'm a sucker for classic lit, and I'm obsessed with travelling, particularly to Europe. 

I'm honored you chose to visit my blog. I hope my words resonate with you in some way and that you can find a part of yourself here. We're friends now, and if books teach us anything, it's that some of the most epic friendships are forged in ink.

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